Here's what several of our clients and Central New Jersey's leading newspapers have to say about Norman Diegnan & Associates:
A recent testimonial from one of our clients, Bill Biach. Biach is the CEO of Biach Information Arts:
"NORMAN DIEGNAN & ASSOCIATES: always looking for ways to get your story in front of people even when they are not working on a project for you. They are great at knowing what magazine editors want, and how to write for them.
This letter was submitted by the Editor-in-Chief of Power Magazine, following the successful placement of a featured article:
"As usual, your articles and photos are first class. I wish everyone I dealt with understood (although I try to educate) what magazine editors like to see. Tell me where it's being used and include good photos and your stuff always makes it to print.

"Thanks again."

Power Magazine
A note from the Public Relations Manager at ASIS International:
You're the best, Norman. On top of things all the time. You are by far the
most professional PR person I work with. You are, as usual, ahead of time.
I'll definitely let you know when it's that time. :-)

Public Relations Manager
ASIS International
A letter from the CEO of a division of Siemens:
Dear Norman:

The letter from the U.S. President at my retirement will be read many times in my home as they are shared with my family and close friends. Certainly they provide a great finale to a most exciting evening in my life. I want to thank you once again for all you did to make it such a success.

Best regards,

President, CEO
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